To prepare for the unknown

By Marcela

January 16, 2019

I am aware that there are risks in every part of the world you choose to explore – but I claim that many bad experiences happen because travellers are not well informed about the destination or simply don’t understand the code of conduct of the actual country.

To be truly honest my greatest fear at the moment is meeting a bear in the Canadian forest while making my morning needs.

I hope I’m not naive when saying that we have OK qualifications for doing this trip: we speak Spanish and English, I’m Latina and have lived in Colombia, Nicho is a man and has medical education and we have both traveled around the world before.

When telling my parents about this new project, I expected them to convince me to steer my plans in a totally different direction. But I was taken by surprise, they were actually very supportive and wanted to join our journey for a little while at some point! For Christmas, they gave me a book by Paulo Coelho called Hippie – the back says: “If you want to learn about yourself, start by exploring the world around you”. I’m glad we seem to be on the same wavelength!

Even if the idea is to make our itinerary just a few days ahead, we are aware that some plans need to be made properly and far in advance since we’re in unfamiliar environments. And, although we have OK qualifications to make this trip we will still drive over 30 000 km, live in a vehicle and our car mechanic knowledge is almost none existent. After all, it is a fact that this trip will not always be a bed of roses and that something unexpected can always happen. I guess that one will never be fully prepared for an unknown occurrence, even if it involves the car or not!

Well, if our plan needs to be remade because of an unscheduled incident – I guess having a good attitude is a great start!

4 thoughts on “To prepare for the unknown”

  1. Hi Marcela
    Regarding your fear of meeting a bear I can share an experience my brother had crossing Canada on a bicycle years ago. He was afraid of surprising a bear and to avoid an unpleasant meeting he attached his pan and kettle to the steering of his bike, making as much noise as possible to warn any bear which was possibly near by.
    He survived!

  2. Darlene Proulx

    Hi Marcela,
    We live in Vancouverr and if we are hiking in the woods we have a bear bell attached to the pack or the dog leash. They are easy to find at any hiking store along with other bear deterrents. They don’t want to meet you anymore than you want to meet them!

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