We are a couple from Sweden planning to live a simple life in a camper as nomadic travellers, exploring the Americas from north to south.  Our aim is to feel alive, free, and put happiness first by opening our horizon through new experiences of different cultures and landscapes.

Of course there will be obstacles along the way and circumstances of which we’ll have no control over! We cannot get away from the fact that living in a car, not being at all any car experts, will be challenging at times. The same applies to knowing we’ll be driving through exposed areas with our home and belongings all in one place and that sometimes we’ll meet weather conditions that will not be what we were expecting. But by doing this trip we believe that we’ll learn how to focus 100 % in things that we actually can change in life and accept the ones we cannot – and to simply appreciate life and be thankful about it. 

This is us


the curious one

Since I was young I’ve been interested in other cultures, probably because my family loves to travel and we’ve moved and lived in different places: like Brazil, Colombia and now Sweden. 

Growing up between two cultures made me understand that there are more than one approach to life and that my own might not be the best one.

I really look forward to meet new people in their environment and hopefully learn how to be a happier person! 🙂


the adventurer

As a boy I quickly came to realize that anything that had to do with the natural world made my head spinn.

After graduation I spent most of my energy travelling around the world, working in Sweden and saving as much money as I could, always encouraged by my parents who had taught me to love seeing new things.

This way I`ve managed to study in Madrid for a year, travelled to Australia, New Zeeland, Papua New Guinea and worked in South Africa as a safari-guide.

Now it’s been a while since I did something exciting, I need a new adventure to sink my teeth in.


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