We've arrived in Canada!

Our vehicle has been shipped across the Atlantic

and our 31 210 km road trip has started

We expect this journey to take us through 18 countries, starting in Europe by shipping our pick-up camper across the Atlantic to North America. Our roadtrip will begin there, in Canada, and will continue along the Trans- Canada Highway, the Pacific-Coast Highway and finally the Panamerican Highway which leads to Chiles southernmost point in South America, Tierra del Fuego.

Shipping across the Atlantic 

This roadtrip is expected to take at least 16 months. It will begin in our home city of Gothenburg, Sweden from where we’ll take a ferry to Kiel, Germany. Then we have a two-hour drive to Hamburg where we will ship our vehicle across the Atlantic to Halifax, Canada. While the camper is being shipped, which is estimated to take about 3 weeks, we will be in Lagos, Portugal. After picking up our camper in the Port of Halifax, the real adventure will begin!  

Journey in numbers:

1 days
on the road
1 km
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April, 2019

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